Stakeholder webinar 10th July 2020 9:30-13:00

Registration is closed for the webinar. Connection details and instructions for the webinar will be submitted to participants on 8th July. The number of registrations exceeds slightly the maximum amount of participants and therefore we unfortunately have to refuse 10-15 participants. However, we will ensure that at least one participant from each organisation can participate. Furthermore, we currently explore opportunoites for a parallel live streaming of the webinar. 

More information

The meeting will be held as a webinar due to the COVID-19 situation, which still means that many travel restrictions are in place throughout the EU, together with associated restrictions on physical meetings at the Commission’s buildings in Brussels. This means that it will not be possible to carry out a traditional stakeholder meeting and consultation, which we consider as very important for the success of the study. We are also aware of the difficult situation many stakeholders experience currently due to economic impact of the crisis, employees working from home etc. However, the study team and the Commission believe that it is better to carry out a stakeholder meeting with limitations than to postpone it to a later point in time. In this way, your comments can be taken into account still relatively early on in the process, where they will be more informative to the process as a whole.


The webinar will commence with an introduction by the European Commission, recalling the overall tasks in the Terms of Reference, an outline of the methodology used and the state of play of the study. The study team will then present the proposed selection of product groups (Task 2) and the logic behind this selection. Subsequently, the team will present a summary of the draft reports available on the first selected product groups covered in Task 3.  


Comments from participants are very welcome prior to the webinar. We will attempt to group these and answer queries grouped by theme during the webinar. You may also provide comments during the webinar via the ‘chat’ function - however, please note that we may not be able to answer all questions during the webinar. Slides from the webinar will be posted on the study website just prior to the meeting. Note that the meeting will be recorded, and the recording and summary minutes of the meeting will be posted on the project website shortly after the webinar. Webinar chat comments will be noted and dealt with by the team, together with ‘conventional’ written comments (e.g., position papers, detailed technical comments, etc.) for which a deadline is set of within 6 weeks of the meeting. We recommend stakeholders to send in written comments independently of whether you/your organisation were able to take part in the webinar or not.


Please note the forthcoming timeline for this stakeholder consultation:

  • 29 June: Draft study reports will be uploaded on the website together with a stakeholder commenting form

  • 6 July COB: Deadline for meeting participants or other stakeholders to provide comments to the study team in advance of the webinar

  • 10 July (AM): Webinar

  • 21 August: Deadline for written comments.


The webinar will be carried out via Webex Meetings. Further instructions on joining the webinar will be provided to registered participants in advance of the meeting.


Note that the second Stakeholder Meeting on the Working Plan study will be held in the timeframe October-November 2020. Depending on the COVID-19 situation at that time, the meeting will take place physically at the Commission’s premises in Brussels, or again be performed via webinar.


We thank you all in advance for your cooperation and look forward to the forthcoming stakeholder consultation.

Viegand Maagøe A/S, Oeko-Institut e.V. & Van Holsteijn en Kemna BV

Study conducted for the European Commission