Published documents from the study team

Please find below the documents for the 2nd stakeholder meeting and for the final stakeholder consultation. Further below older documents and background documents are accessible. 

In case you cannot download a document because it is located on a Google Drive folder, please contact us indicating which report you need:

Documents for 2nd stakeholder meeting and final stakeholder consultation

Below can be downloaded the remaining 15 draft Task 3 reports on product groups and horizontal initiatives, which were not published previously, and Task 4 report.

Due to the high amount of interested stakeholders (500+) and extensive Task 3 reports (totally 600+ pages), please consider the following for submission of comments:

  • You are welcome to submit position papers providing overall comments to be published on these pages or to be kept internal in the study team and the Commission; please indicate if they should be kept internal. All comments will be considered for the final versions.

  • If you want to comment on specific parts of the reports e.g. errors or wrong assumptions according to your knowledge, please use this commenting form (Excel).

  • All submissions should be sent by email to Project Manager Jan Viegand,

  • Deadline for submissions is indicated below for each report.

  • Position papers on any subject related to this study received before 14 April 2021 will be published on the website for consideration of the policymakers.

Older documents

In case that it is not possible to download a document because it is located on a Google Drive folder, please use the alternative download link just below the primary download link, which however is not transferring the original file name.

Background documents

Please notice that the background documents have not been prepared by the study team.